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    1■34] for he walked with diffic●ulty, made a deep impression on the people. Whe●n he arrived at the bar of th

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    at tribu●nal over which he had so often preside■d, and looked around him, though weakened by suf■fering, with

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    a countenance full of mildness,■ all the spectators were moved.● The indictment was long and perple●xed:[135

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] he was accused of hig●h-treason. Sir Thomas, endeavoring to● keep on his feet, said: 'My Lords, the char●ges brought against me are so numerou●s, that I fear, considering m●y great weakness, I shall be un■able to remember them all.' He stopped■: his body trembled and he was near

falling. A c■hair was brought him, and aft●er taking his seat, he continued: 'I have ●never uttered a single word in opposition t●o the statute which proclaims ■the king head of the Church

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.'—'If we cannot● produce your words,' said the king'●s attorney, 'we can produce you■r silence.'—'No one can be condemned f■o

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r his silence,' nobly answered■ More. 'Qui tacet consentire videtur, Silence● gives consent, according to the lawyer■s.'[136] =S



IR THOMAS MORE SENTENCE■D.= Nothing could save him: the ju■ry returned a verdict {69} o●f guilty. 'Now that all is over,' sai


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d the■ prisoner, 'I will speak. Yes, the oath of■ supremacy is illegal. The Great Cha●rter laid down that

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